Greek Food

To help us serve you faster, please order by number.

All prices subject to change.

*All above orders are served with Greek salad, rice, potatoes, bread and tzatziki.

Greek Sides

  • Greek Salad - $7
  • Spanakopita - $6
  • One pork souvlaki stick - $6
  • One chicken souvlaki stick - $7
  • One piece of Moussaka - $10
  • Rice - $4
  • Potatoes - $4
  • Extra tzatziki sauce - $2
  • Delicious Saganaki

    Delicious Saganaki

    A well-known Greek cuisine admired around the word, saganaki is a fried cheese appetizer. Opa!

  • Imported Greek Beer

    Imported Greek Beer

    Fix Hellas, the first and most historic Greek beer is a premium lager beer.

  • Traditional Greek Coffee

    Traditional Greek Coffee

    A delicately prepared classic of Greek coffee culture. Prepared fresh to order and appreciated by those who have a love for coffee.

Hosted on the beautiful grounds of the St. Nicholas Greek Church at 486 Ester Road.

Parking is limited so car pool! Please be respectful of our neighbours.


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