A Sudbury summer tradition continues

The Sudbury Greek Festival is one of Sudbury's longest running cultural festivals. In 2023, we celebrate 30 years! Opa!

About the Sudbury Greek Festival

Each year nearly 5,000 visitors come together to eat, dance and partake in Greek celebrations. Entirely orchestrated by volunteers from the community, the festival has come to be a highlight event as far as summer festivals go in the region. The festival purpose is committed to sharing Greek heritage offering authentic food, traditional dance showcase, unique cultural celebrations and atmosphere. All proceeds from the festival directly support the St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

Every year and since the very begining of our Greek festival 3 decades ago, we always take some of the proceeds from the event and make a charitable donation to a deserving cause in our community! A cheque presentation occurs duing the festival weekend.

Reducing our environmental impact

Did you know that during the festival weekend we serve nearly 5000 visitors. That’s a lot of hungry people. This year we’re doing something NEW and spending a little extra to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re using paper bags instead of polyethylene plastic bags. We’re also using biodegradable paper straws. You could help too! If you plan on doing a big take-away order (which is very common) then consider coming with your own reusable bag. If you have a small order perhaps decline a bag.

Paper Bags Plastic Free

About the Sudbury Greek Community

Sudbury is a place where many Greek families settled, called home, became part of the municipality, and contributed immensely to its growth, life, and its rich multicultural composition.

The ancient Plutarch who lived during the 1st Century A.D. wrote the following famous passage: "Wherever you go, you may find cities without walls, without schools, without kings, without theaters, or gymnasia, but an atheist city without the need for prayers and vows, you will never see. For such does not exist. It seems to me that one can more easily find a city without ground, than one without religion and belief in God".

The early Greeks settled in this area more than a century ago and never lost sight of their Greek heritage and traditions. These early settlers organized a community, purchased land and laid the foundation of a dream that one day, they would build a Church and Community hall that would house, serve, and preserve their Greek heritage and rich culture for generations to come in their new country of Canada.

About 30 years ago, with great unity of spirit the Sudbury Greek Community undertook the task of building a Byzantine monument style Orthodox Church and Parish Hall on Ester Rd., by St. Charles lake, known as St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and the Hellenic Centre.

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